Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Upcoming Integrated Lesson Plan

My upcoming lesson plan will involve Hamlet. While the focus of the lesson will be the book itself on the first day of the lesson I will hand out the core assignment for the section.

This will be a series of YouTube Video of a group performing and assigned and pivotal scene from the book. A single account will be set up for the whole class and students will be handed digital cameras. Students cannot deviate from the words on the page and must be able to remember lines from shot to shot but beyond that anything goes. Creativity and playing with settings will be encouraged and rewarded.

As acts are taught individual students will be required to post on a class discussion board or blog about the act that has been read. The videos will be due before the last day of the section so that they may be reviewed for appropriateness.
On the last day of the section we will have a movie party in which the whole class sits and watches each others movies online with the projector in chronological order. Popcorn will be served.


  1. Very creative and involved lesson. The learning objectives for both the content and reading skills, along with technology learning objectives, will provide guidance to you and your students through the entire learning process. It will also identify the critical learning criteria that you will use to assess student learning. Good start.

  2. I think this lesson plan will definitely motivate the students to read Hamlet while learning and having fun. I wish I would be in this class for this lesson.

  3. I think watching the students' rendition of Hamlet at the end of the unit will be much more meaningful than watching the regular film of Hamlet like many classes do. Nice idea.