Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ethical use of Technology

These reports of suicide attributed to sexting should be a definite sign that technology has proliferated beyond our ability to control it. It is equally the responsibility of the parents, the schools and the manufacturers of this technology to create a culture of responsible use. When students are taught to drive in schools for the first time there is always an adult beside them, guiding their every move towards a future as responsible drivers. Their parents model responsible use of an automobile such as they wish their children to follow. Manufacturers include in a manual with the automobile that gives instructions on how to properly maintain and conduce the vehicle such that you will not be a danger to yourself or others. Schools, while having been at the forefront of teaching students about new technologies in the past have(automobiles, computers), have failed to keep up with newer technologies. I fear that a blanketing concept like Digital Citizenship may not be enough. Beyond education related programs schools have held a standoffish attitude to newer technologies. Networking sites, texting, IMing are regarded as out of the classroom, and therefor out of school, activities. These should be added to the curriculum. these should be taught in a class room, not in a chat room. chat 101 could even have benefits beyond the curriculum, students may actually improve their spelling when they text each other. If students learn how to use camera phone from teachers versus peers, this too will effect how they view it, as a tool, not a toy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For Week 7. Subject: TIM

The Technology Integration Matrix really changes my earlier opinion of a tech involved course. As a future teacher of English i didn't feel that a computer could be utilized in my classroom to the lengths demanded by say the state's Technology standards. Seeing a few of these examples helps me realize this would be a cross curriculum effort.

example: This example seems to model NETS for teachers standard 3.D. This means that a teacher in this lesson would be teaching students how to use digital tools to access and sort through information based on its relevance. It also incorporates 2A which means the teacher uses a lesson that uses digital tools and resources allow the students to learn.

As for my comfort level I would have to say i'm somewhere between adoption and adaptation. While I'm getting comfortable with technology i'm not so sure i want to be. The vast majority of us won't end up in a school with such a high level of computer integration. I wouldn't say I'm a throwback but my student will have to read a book, a physical bundle of papers with words printed in it. If i go to my old high school today i will probably see the same books my class read eight years ago. Unless i have students researching Lit Crit journal articles the rest of this seems rather far fetched.

Monday, March 8, 2010

For Week Four, playing catchup. Subject: Slidecasts

My Slidecast: I hope that's what it means to embed. This was a rather complex procedure for me. The software mentioned wasn't even the half of it but I'm not here to complain and I don't mean to. Once I tried to upload the MP3 it took 3-4 tried before it worked. I don't typically like powerpoint presentations. I've seen professors teach entire classes by powerpoint and put whole classes to sleep. I slept through half a Psych 101 class and still got a C+. For an online class though, it might not be such a bad option. Adding voice-over to it makes it a bit much. It isn't so much better than a downloadable powerpoint presentation or a podcast separately to justify the added complexity. I would rather just listen to a lecture and take my own notes. PP kind of gives it all away in a pre-packaged container. They can't learn note taking skills if notes are taken for them.