Monday, March 8, 2010

For Week Four, playing catchup. Subject: Slidecasts

My Slidecast: I hope that's what it means to embed. This was a rather complex procedure for me. The software mentioned wasn't even the half of it but I'm not here to complain and I don't mean to. Once I tried to upload the MP3 it took 3-4 tried before it worked. I don't typically like powerpoint presentations. I've seen professors teach entire classes by powerpoint and put whole classes to sleep. I slept through half a Psych 101 class and still got a C+. For an online class though, it might not be such a bad option. Adding voice-over to it makes it a bit much. It isn't so much better than a downloadable powerpoint presentation or a podcast separately to justify the added complexity. I would rather just listen to a lecture and take my own notes. PP kind of gives it all away in a pre-packaged container. They can't learn note taking skills if notes are taken for them.


  1. I agree with you. Powerpoint presentations are used ineffectively. I actually have been thinking about how to incorporate a lesson on creating powerpoints. Because so many people use them and like you said use them incorrectly, I think it is needed. Powerpoints should include only bulletted "talking points" and used to introduce topic for the presenter. The audio then becomes much more important and not just a reading of what is on each slide.
    The value of audio presentations that can be archived is the access people can have when they need to review or when they missed the lecture. Research on learning this way is clearly abundant that student performance increases when they are able to review in this manner.
    As for note taking skills, I always ask my teachers (when they say this) what they do to teach this. Powerpoint presenations and lectures give students practice but do not teach them those skills.

  2. I understand what Julio means when he mentioned that powerpoint slides can put a class to sleep. I know I sometimes day-dream or drift off into space when a teacher just uses a powerpoint for the entire lecture because a part of me knows that I can just look back over the powerpoint when they say they will post it on blackboard and not to worry about taking notes. I usually like to take notes when a professor speaks because it helps me to comprehend what they are talking about and it also allows me to jot down information I do not understand or what may be confusing to me.