Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guess Introductions are in Order

My name is Julio. I'm an English Education Major and History Minor at MSU. As part of a tech involved course I hope to use this space to post work that i do. While not yet totally sold on the idea of electronic class rooms I know that an open minded, adaptable educator is a more marketable one. Besides which i feel that any technology that allows me to effectively teach more students in more places without them coming to me or vice-versa must be a good thing and must be utilized. While I don't feel that the days of the three dimensional classroom are numbered and believe there is something to be said for a physical space separate from the home for the student to realize their potential I do feel that this technology does serve a very important place in our schools and should be mastered by all educators.


  1. Julio

    I appreciate your perspective and intelligent apprehension. Using technology for the sake of using it is inappropriate and does not help students. We will look at ways that technology can enhance what teachers do and eliminate barriers students may have in their learning.

  2. Hi Julio,

    It just hit me that we may not have the opportunity to meet Professor Bigsby since our entire "classroom" experience is ALL on-line. This is my first class that is ALL on-line, so I just have to get used to checking all the websites and e-mails that are necessary in order to fulfill the requirements. I understand what you mean when you mentioned technology allows us to reach more students at one time. I also feel that a pro about having an on-line class is that you can do the work in the comfort of your own home and at the time that is most convenient for you.